Sign up now to Network in VR, the new venue for business networking events. After subscribing to our platform you can meet other participants in the 24/7 open rooms,  attend the events organized by the Network in VR team or those promoted by other companies and host your own ones. If you need a more structured and organized space for your company, contact us for the Enterprise plan.




For all companies and professionals who want to enter the new dimension of business networking


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For specific needs of companies and organizations

Starter features


      • Access the 24/7 open rooms*
      • Join the events organized by other companies*
      • Host your own events
      • Promote your events on Network in VR event calendar page and through social media channels
      • Join* the events organized by the Network in VR team:
      • Weekly happy hours
      • Monthy business matching events
      • Presentations and conferences



      • Customized Avatar
      • Webcam sharing
      • Documents and video (e.g. youtube links) sharing
      • Presentation pointer
      • Virtual pen to take notes inside the VR rooms
      • Camera to take VR photos and selfies
      • Spatial audio and lipsyncing
      • Audio adjustment on other avatars (increase or decrease the volume of each avatar you are talking to)
      • 2D or 3D mode (depending on the device you are using)

Available devices:

      • VR (Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear, Google Card Board etc)
      • Smartphone and tablet
      • PC/Laptop


Web browser access, no need to download and install any software or app

Enterprise Features

      • Starter plan


      • Creation of a customized space to host:
        • Internal team meetings
        • Client presentations
        • Business events/fairs
        • Customer care events
        • Other
      • Personalized access codes to invite external participants (ie clients, suppliers, employees etc)
      • Dedicated technical support

*Participation to the events depends on registration availability